Change your thoughts and you'll change your world.

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We have thoughts all the time; they’re free, low energy and completely confidential! They can be the most resourceful force in our lives and the most destructive. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and has an almost limitless capacity. It is working right now enabling your body to process food into energy, pump blood around your veins and maintain regular breathing – thank you subconscious mind!

However, many of us hold onto thoughts in our subconscious which influence our decision-making process, and often they do not serve us well! We can have “feelings of certainty” that we will not meet expectations if we change from the Status Quo. We can feel afraid that we will be rejected by behaving a certain way. These “feelings of certainty” limit our choices, choke our innovation and paralyse us from making satisfying changes. Instead, we repeat the same patterns over and over and can then become unfulfilled with the results in our lives.

Our language reveals clues about subconscious beliefs which underpin our thoughts and give us insights about how our behaviour and actions are chosen. Just imagine what effect these beliefs would have on your choices…

1.    “If you want something doing well, do it yourself.”

Effect=I won’t delegate all these tasks.

2.    “I’m not experienced enough to work with these people”.

Effect= I won’t even ask to do business with them.

3.    “If I speak my mind, people won’t like me”

Effect=I’ll just keep quiet throughout this meeting instead of challenging these mental ideas and contributing some quality proposals!

The coaching process is about listening to your current situation, paying attention to language and thought patterns, diagnosing what’s most important to you, revealing limiting beliefs, appreciating new perspectives and identifying choices to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Through open dialogue, questions and exercises, the root cause of what is getting in your way will be uncovered and you will feel motivated towards achieving your desired outcome, armed with refreshing choices and exciting goals!

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Is it selfish to want more from your career?

Career development

Many of us spend more than one-third of our lives at work so it is important that your work makes you happy. However, discovering a career path that makes you feel satisfied and successful is difficult with today’s financial pressures, especially if you don’t know specifically what would make you feel satisfied and successful!

Many of us feel obliged to achieve things that would impress other people in our lives (our parents, teachers, partners, friends or our network of contacts on social media). The risk here is that we can continue along a career path we dislike simply because we want to be respected by others. We lose sight of what makes us happy, become restrained by routine and remain in our comfort zone until the weekend arrives again. 

Appreciating what makes you happy is the next step in making positive changes in your career, although if asked to write down what makes you happy, 99% of us would not know where to start! This is where we can help; If you need reminding about what makes you happy and how to harness your motivation, we will help by diagnosing your motivational profile and working through NLP exercises to clarify precisely what makes you tick, define exciting goals and reveal what is holding you back from a life of genuine satisfaction.

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Top 3 things to improve team performance

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Having an awareness of what motivates the people in your team will allow you to…

  1. Communicate effectively.

    • Articulate messages, propose ideas and assign actions in a language that resonates positively with those individuals.

  2. Give meaningful rewards

    • Create bespoke reward strategies, incentives and feedback that appeal to individuals and the wider team.

  3. Connect with your team

    • Choose optimal roles and responsibilities for people.

    • Tailor your management style to match their motivational preferences.

    • Develop individuals with personalised and fulfilling appraisals.

Everybody is unique and motivated by different things; freedom and independence, material wealth, a sense of purpose, control and influence, subject matter expertise, routine and consistency, recognition from their community, innovation and problem solving, and belonging to a group. 

The best way to quickly and accurately identify what motivates your team is to use the ISO accredited tool called Motivational Maps ®. This simple approach will give you visibility of how motivated your team is and what choices are available to increase wellbeing, motivation and performance! 

Positive Development are here to help you through the team development process and if you want to review your own Motivational Map ®, just get in contact with our Management Coach below and we will provide you one for free!


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Let go of limiting beliefs

Artwork by the talented  Kim Johnson

Artwork by the talented Kim Johnson

Our beliefs influence the choices we make every day. Their purpose is to protect us from pain (E.g. Fear, Hurt, Guilt).

The more we make of the same choices, the more our beliefs grow and become deep-rooted in our unconscious mind. However, as we live our lives, new goals emerge, and our beliefs may become incompatible with those goals. 

Being aware of your limiting beliefs, appreciating the purpose they served in your past and replacing them with enabling beliefs will allow you to let go of ancient fears and create a future that excites you!

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Increase the motivation of your workforce

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Positive Development provides a unique perspective on how your team thinks using Motivational Maps to provide insight of your team’s dominant motivational profile and give you choices on how to improve satisfaction and productivity! 

Unlike the dated Myers-Briggs tool, Motivational Maps offers a practical view what “makes us tick” in terms of how we think and what we want. The results are accurate and easily identify where resources and attention should be directed to make immediate and positive impact.

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