How to motivate your team.

How to motivate your team

We are busy perfecting the formula for Liquid Motivation and look forward to its UK release in early 2020.

In the meantime, we all know how motivation is directly linked to wellbeing and productivity, but few of us have the appropriate tools to identify specifically what motivates each person in their team. Time is scarce to survey a large group of people. Feedback is not standardised in a common language. How will we know precisely how motivated someone is today and why?!

To solve this problem, Positive Development use Motivational Maps®, an ISO accredited tool, to quickly diagnoses people’s motivation and measure current levels of satisfaction. The origins of the Motivational Map are based on extensive research into human motivation using three primary sources; Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of NeedsEdgar Schein’s Career Anchorsand the personality profiling tool the Enneagram.

This clear information on what motivates you and your team, articulated in a standard format, is used as a foundation to enable better decision making, implement more effective communication and monitor the engagement of your team over time.

If you can’t wait for Liquid Motivation and are interested in seeing the results of your own Motivational Map, please get in contact and we will make arrangements.