Team Development Cambridge 1

“By understanding my motivators and setting clear expectations, I am far more effective in delivering both personal and business objectives. The Team Map helped us understand each other much better.”

- Member of Maintenance Department of John Lewis

Team Development Cambridge 2

“The maps enabled laser precision, actionable insights, nothing is genericised. In working to empower my own leadership team there were intense moments of self-realisation and powerful conversations as a result.”

- Andrew Loveless, Commercial Director, Ordnance Survey

Team Development Cambridge 3

“Motivational Maps produce real results. I would recommend trying a session if you are serious about making your team as successful as they can be!”

- Craig McVoy, Liverpool Victoria

Team Development Cambridge 4

“Both the sessions and the maps gave a deeper view of the team and as a result structural changes were made with new senior appointments.”

Ross Thornley, Founder and Managing Director