Employee Engagement Cambridge

An engaged team will be:

20% more productive.

87% less likely to leave.

480% more committed to their goals.

(Source: Engage for Success paper)

Do you want a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to boost employee engagement?

How will we help?

  • We provide a unique insight into what motivates each person in your team and their current levels of satisfaction in key areas. 

  • We can engage with your team to reveal context and create a deeper awareness of their current state. 

  • We analyse team dynamics, highlight areas for attention and identify choices to make positive changes.

How do we work?

  • We use Motivational Maps® to diagnose what motivates individuals, measure current levels of satisfaction, then apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) best practice to agree positive changes which align with the needs of each individual, the team and the organisation.

  • We elicit valuable feedback from each participant, identify areas for immediate attention, highlight potential conflicts between people, provide constructive suggestions and identify choices available to improve wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

  • We agree the scope of work and level of involvement, then manage the process, facilitate team workshops (if required) and deliver documented management reports with proposed action plans.

What If…

  • You knew what motivated each person in your team?

  • You measured each person’s level of satisfaction and knew how to make improvements?

  • You had bespoke personal development plans for your full team and monitored satisfaction levels moving forwards?

Contact us so we can listen to your requirements.

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