What are the benefits of Personal Development coaching?

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Improved awareness of what motivates you and the skills you possess to successfully make changes.

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Appreciation of limiting beliefs or negative behaviours that are currently holding you back.

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Greater sense of direction, achievement and satisfaction.

What is coaching?

  • Coaching facilitates development, wellbeing and performance by raising self-awareness and identifying choices.

  • The coaching process is tailored to you, which actively guides and challenges you to appreciate alternate perspectives, stimulate clear thinking and achieve change.

  • The process will act as a catalyst to refresh the way you or your team approach work, relationships, health and fitness, family life, big decisions, dilemmas, adventures and other important areas of life.

What is the process?

  • A free consultation will be arranged to identify specific areas for discussion.

  • Private and friendly one-to-one sessions will be scheduled to allow the client and coach to discuss current challenges, explore opportunities and reveal the next steps.

  • Sessions can take place face-to-face at the Positive Development office in Saffron Walden or elsewhere by arrangement.

What if…

  • You were aware of what motivates you?

  • You had a clear vision for the future and well-defined goals?

  • You let go of your limiting beliefs?


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