Performance is a combination of Direction, Skills and Motivation. Positive Development specialise in understanding Motivation and works with Directors, Managers and Leaders to reveal what motivates staff, increase engagement and measure performance.

The Team Performance package will boost motivation in your team and create:

  • An immediate sense of greater engagement.

  • Increased productivity within 6 - 12 months.

  • Long-term security and stability of your team.

Simple, flexible and practical, a typical package includes:

  • A Motivational Map® report for each person in scope.

  • Analysis and one-to-one feedback for each participant.

  • Production of a Team Report.

  • Facilitation of a Team Workshop.

  • A bespoke Management Report highlighting tactical and strategic opportunities to improve team performance.

  • Tailored materials to measure team performance.

  • Ongoing support to meet your requirements.

This unique process provides insight and choices to support…

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Optimised roles and responsibilities.

Tailored reward strategies and management styles.

Personalised material for appraisals.

Accurate measurement of performance.

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Team Building

Greater self-awareness, improved communication and better relationships.

More collaborative approach to problem solving.

More informed approach to handling conflict or friction.

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Fit for purpose candidate selection.

Talent development and retention.

Regular monitoring of motivation levels.

Career paths that align with natural abilities.

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