Why is motivation important for team performance?

  • The Performance of a team is dependent upon their level of Skill and Motivation.

  • Motivation can be increased by having an awareness of team’s dominant motivators and making choices to harness that rich source of energy.

  • Appreciating the Motivational Map of an individual and how that compares with the Motivational Maps of others in the team, will identify opportunities to increase performance and deliver excellent results!

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For teams

Understand the dominant motivators of your team and how to enable their peak performance.

Manage conflicts between individuals.

Optimise the roles and responsibilities of your team to achieve greater performance.

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For managers

Create bespoke rewards for individuals and teams aligned with their motivational drivers.

Measure and monitor the motivation of your team over time.

Define career paths for your team that allow them to thrive.

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For individuals

Appreciate what “makes you tick” and how that relates to your role or team.

Navigate your career into areas that excite you, allow you to excel and provide real satisfaction.

Create an environment which will improve your happiness at work.

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For HR

Accurately predict how “fit for purpose” individuals are for certain roles.

Retain talent in your team with awareness of their core motivators and applying relevant reward strategies.

Promote wellbeing and performance by nurturing a motivated community.

What is a Motivational Map ® and how does it work?

  • The Motivational Map® is an ISO accredited diagnostic tool that is accessed online. Improving upon traditional personality tests or psychometric profiles, it gives an accurate insight into an individual’s core motivators and “what makes them tick”.

    • The questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete.

    • The accuracy of the motivation profile is 99% accurate.

    • The results are provided in clear and easy to understand reports, that reveals each person's key motivators, and their current level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters.

  • The origins of the Motivational Map are based on extensive research into human motivation using three primary sources; Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of NeedsEdgar Schein’s Career Anchorsand the personality profiling tool the Enneagram

  • Unlike your personality, which is relatively fixed, what motivates you will change over time. The advantage of Motivational Maps over traditional personality tests is that they are dynamic; based on business change and personal circumstances.

What if you…

  • Identified what motivates different people in your team?

  • Tailored reward strategies for teams and individuals?

  • Optimised the motivation of your team and demonstrated improved performance the next 6 months?


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