Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London


☑️ Renews clarity and vigour for your vision, strategy and goals.

☑️ Creates awareness of blind spots and how to work around barriers to success.

☑️ Stimulates a positive mindset, builds confidence and enables you to perform at your peak.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Our non-judgemental Leadership Coaching guides you through 3 key areas helping you achieve leadership excellence through greater self-awareness, focused planning and effective implementation.

Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London


Diagnose what you are motivated by and improve self-awareness.

Explore how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours influence your choices, actions and results.

Discover strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and development opportunities.

Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London


Analyse your current situation and available resources.

Clarify your vision of success for the future and develop exciting goals.

Identify obstacles, key actions and define a clear plan to successfully achieve your goals.

Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London


Delegate tasks and transform plans into action.

Choose the optimal leadership style to engage and motivate your team.

Manage your time effectively and measure progress.

How do I get Leadership Coaching?

Typically, the coaching process involves the following:

Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London

Receive a free consultation

To understand the current situation, background and coaching objectives. This is an opportunity to check your needs will be met and that there is a good match between coach and client for the relationship to develop. The coaching process, format and frequency will also be discussed.

Leadership Coaching Stages

Agree a bespoke package

To meet your needs and availability. Typically, this will include the stages shown above and be tailored to you as an individual to provide the greatest impact and value.

Leadership Coaching Cambridge | London

Schedule times to meet in person or online

Let’s get started on your journey! We will check your current status, clarify your direction and set off towards your goals with confidence, motivation and support. Meetings are in person or online depending on your preference.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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