• The Motivational Map® is an ISO accredited diagnostic tool that is accessed online. Improving upon traditional personality tests or psychometric profiles (E.g. Myers Briggs), it gives an accurate insight of what motivates an individual, their current level of satisfaction and choices to increase motivation where it matters.

  • The origins of the Motivational Map are based on extensive research into human motivation using three primary sources; Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of NeedsEdgar Schein’s Career Anchors and the personality profiling tool the Enneagram.

    • The online questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete.

    • The accuracy of the motivation profile is 99% accurate.

    • The results are provided in clear and easy to understand reports, that reveals each person's key motivators, their current level of motivation and actionable advice.



Team Data Table

Team Map Sample.jpg

The table above is an example from a Team Map Report. It summarises the results from 6 individuals and highlights where opportunities are to:

  1. Improve team motivation through appropriate reward strategy.

  2. Manage potential motivation conflict between individuals.

  3. Reduce risks to the long-term success of the team.


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