Life’s electricity

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Why do some people have vibrant and adventurous lives while others don’t?

Life’s energy operates in the same way as electricity. According to the law of electricity (Ohm’s Law), the amount of electrical current that will flow through a circuit will always be inversely proportional to the resistance in that circuit. I.e. the more resistance, the less current will flow; the less resistance, the more current will flow.

You are an instrument through which the energy of life will flow and resistance will limit that flow. There are many names for resistance - “fear”, “worry”, “guilt” - which significantly limit the flow of energy through you. We all have them, and these areas of resistance are often related to people, money or time.

Resistance is often caused by limiting beliefs that you hold onto E.g. “I’m not worthy”, “I won’t be successful”, “I don’t have enough time”. What would happen if you let go of your limiting beliefs and allowed 100% of life’s energy to flow through your life?

You’ve done incredibly well to get where you are today. Now give yourself permission to electrify your life!