Is it selfish to want more from your career?

Career development

Many of us spend more than one-third of our lives at work so it is important that your work makes you happy. However, discovering a career path that makes you feel satisfied and successful is difficult with today’s financial pressures, especially if you don’t know specifically what would make you feel satisfied and successful!

Many of us feel obliged to achieve things that would impress other people in our lives (our parents, teachers, partners, friends or our network of contacts on social media). The risk here is that we can continue along a career path we dislike simply because we want to be respected by others. We lose sight of what makes us happy, become restrained by routine and remain in our comfort zone until the weekend arrives again. 

Appreciating what makes you happy is the next step in making positive changes in your career, although if asked to write down what makes you happy, 99% of us would not know where to start! This is where we can help; If you need reminding about what makes you happy and how to harness your motivation, we will help by diagnosing your motivational profile and working through NLP exercises to clarify precisely what makes you tick, define exciting goals and reveal what is holding you back from a life of genuine satisfaction.

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