Employee Engagement | Freedom & Independence

We all know that if people are happy and engaged at work, they are more productive, less likely to leave and more committed to their goals. So how do you know what is important to different people and what can be done to make them feel more engaged?

This short video describes how people who enjoy their freedom and independence can feel frustrated at work and what can be done to improve the situation.

By using the Motivational Maps® tool, you can quickly and easily diagnose a person’s motivational profile which is a unique mix of motivators (E.g. money, security, control, expertise, friendship/belonging to a group, meaning/purpose, freedom/independence, recognition/respect) then work with a Leadership Coach to define actions and engagement strategies which will enable your team to thrive!

What would you do if you knew what motivated each person in your team, what their current levels of satisfaction were and what choices were available to improve engagement, productivity and happiness?

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