Focus on progress

Focus on progress.jpg

The feeling of progress has an extremely positive impact on our motivation. Small triumphs are equally important as large victories because they give us a psychological boost, contribute towards achieving our goals, and deliver a healthy dose of motivation to tackle the next task!

If we have great aspirations, our goals may likely feel like vague visualisations in the distant future that require lots of time, energy and commitment to achieve. This is where discouragement can creep into our minds and make us wonder if the outcome is really worth the effort.

One solution is to focus attention on the smaller triumphs that will lead us towards our ultimate goal and enjoy the priceless feeling of satisfaction as they are achieved. E.g.

  • Run 2k as a stepping stone towards completing a 10k.

  • Attract 2 new customers as a stepping stone towards growing your business by 20%.

The positivity created from achieving small triumphs makes us more satisfied, productive and motivated to take on the next challenge. Not only will this boost an individual’s sense of motivation, but it will project a sense of progress within a team and generate a more productive atmosphere.

Of all the things that can boost motivation, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work.
— Teresa Amabile, Professor at Harvard Business School