Change your thoughts and you'll change your world.

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We have thoughts all the time; they’re free, low energy and completely confidential! They can be the most resourceful force in our lives and the most destructive. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and has an almost limitless capacity. It is working right now enabling your body to process food into energy, pump blood around your veins and maintain regular breathing – thank you subconscious mind!

However, many of us hold onto thoughts in our subconscious which influence our decision-making process, and often they do not serve us well! We can have “feelings of certainty” that we will not meet expectations if we change from the Status Quo. We can feel afraid that we will be rejected by behaving a certain way. These “feelings of certainty” limit our choices, choke our innovation and paralyse us from making satisfying changes. Instead, we repeat the same patterns over and over and can then become unfulfilled with the results in our lives.

Our language reveals clues about subconscious beliefs which underpin our thoughts and give us insights about how our behaviour and actions are chosen. Just imagine what effect these beliefs would have on your choices…

1.    “If you want something doing well, do it yourself.”

Effect=I won’t delegate all these tasks.

2.    “I’m not experienced enough to work with these people”.

Effect= I won’t even ask to do business with them.

3.    “If I speak my mind, people won’t like me”

Effect=I’ll just keep quiet throughout this meeting instead of challenging these mental ideas and contributing some quality proposals!

The coaching process is about listening to your current situation, paying attention to language and thought patterns, diagnosing what’s most important to you, revealing limiting beliefs, appreciating new perspectives and identifying choices to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Through open dialogue, questions and exercises, the root cause of what is getting in your way will be uncovered and you will feel motivated towards achieving your desired outcome, armed with refreshing choices and exciting goals!

If you want to have a chat about what is getting in the way of your aspirations, or why you’re feeling dissatisfied, I am happy to talk and contactable on 0203 797 6412

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