How we "Distort" information.

People often think negatively about themselves because they draw conclusions about an event or situation having distorted the information available. This can lead to missed opportunities and even worse, a sense of worthlessness. The conclusions we draw are processed internally and influenced by our subconscious beliefs - which are often in need of a refresh! It is important to appreciate that we are all unique and that we view the world through our own set of filters. The video included provides a visual example which demonstrates how people DISTORT information.

  • Imagine receiving an email from a potential client that said “Something” that made you feel they didn’t want to do business with you. What specifically about that “Something” means they don’t want to do business with you? Could you have distorted the message?

  • Imagine wanting to go on a course, have a promotion or even a new role at work and not even getting around to asking your manager because you already know he or she will say “No”. What specifically means they will say “No”? Could you have distorted the situation?

Distortion affects all of us and is very hard to detect within yourself because we trust our own thoughts and feelings……even when they might be wrong! This is where NLP coaching can help reveal where you may be holding yourself back from seeing that Opportunity Is Now Here!

How exciting will it feel when you discover which negative thoughts are holding you back and then make positive changes in your life?

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