How we "Generalise" information.

People often feel stuck or trapped in a negative cycle because they overlook the opportunities for change and make the same choices over and over again. This can often lead to a sense of stagnation and unfulfillment. Breaking this cycle requires self-awareness of what generalisations you are making and courage to make more informed choices.

The video included provides a visual example demonstrating how people GENERALISE information. The negative impact of generalising is that we limit our choices by telling ourselves things like…

  • “I always do badly in interviews.”

  • “She never listens to me.”

  • Nothing ever changes around here.”

 What kind of results are likely with these beliefs?!

What if you discovered a subconscious belief that was encouraging you to make the same choices over and over again?

  • I have to make lots of money to be happy.

  • I’m not good enough for that person.

  • I never win awards, so I won’t enter.

Just consider what generalisations you may be making today.

  • What could you do differently?

  • How would you feel when you got what you wanted?

  • Who needs to take the next step?

How exciting will it feel when you discover which beliefs are impacting the choices you make and then make positive changes in your life?

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