Life’s electricity

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Why do some people have vibrant and adventurous lives while others don’t?

Life’s energy operates in the same way as electricity. According to the law of electricity (Ohm’s Law), the amount of electrical current that will flow through a circuit will always be inversely proportional to the resistance in that circuit. I.e. the more resistance, the less current will flow; the less resistance, the more current will flow.

You are an instrument through which the energy of life will flow and resistance will limit that flow. There are many names for resistance - “fear”, “worry”, “guilt” - which significantly limit the flow of energy through you. We all have them, and these areas of resistance are often related to people, money or time.

Resistance is often caused by limiting beliefs that you hold onto E.g. “I’m not worthy”, “I won’t be successful”, “I don’t have enough time”. What would happen if you let go of your limiting beliefs and allowed 100% of life’s energy to flow through your life?

You’ve done incredibly well to get where you are today. Now give yourself permission to electrify your life!

How do we improve our performance as a team?

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The best leaders continually ask, “How do we improve our performance as a team?”.

 Having an awareness of what motivates your team as a whole, and what motivates individuals within that team provides fantastic opportunities to significantly improve their performance!

 By using Motivational Maps, you can measure the current motivation of your team, identify opportunities to implement positive changes and demonstrate increased of performance over time.

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A team of individuals

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Your team is made up of unique individuals who are driven by a variety of motivators (E.g. making money, making a difference, making themselves an expert in their field).

  • What if you knew exactly what “makes them tick”?

  • What if you chose tailored reward strategies for individuals that invigorated them and increased their performance?

Positive Development coaching uses Motivational Maps ® to provide valuable insight of your team and monitors their motivation. Contact us for a free consultation and allow the individuals in your team to flourish.

What is holding you back?

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  • I don't know where to start

  • Other people can do it better than me

  • I failed before, so I'll fail again

  • I don’t have time

 If these thoughts are repeated often, you will believe them as true! Everybody has their own limiting beliefs which hold them back in some way. 

By talking about your goals and building an awareness of your limiting beliefs will unlock your potential to achieve great things.

Tap into your motivation, let go of limiting beliefs and grow beyond your wildest dreams!

You and your team

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Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include attitudes, behaviours and preferred roles.

One of the most important factors, often almost completely overlooked, is the motivational profile of the individual and of the individual compared with the team profile.

For teams to grow and thrive they need to be aware of each other’s motivational profile and be able to fuel the motivators of other team members. Motivational Maps will provide this unique insight and give you choices to improve team performance.

Build better performing teams with Motivational Maps® and Positive Development.

Explode out of the blocks


Be excited about the direction you’re heading in. Your life is short and you will spend a lot of it asleep, at work and watching Netflix.

Is work, and the stuff in between work and sleep, a thrilling adventure?! It can be if you appreciate what motivates you, harness that weapons-grade energy and accurately direct it towards a future that excites you!

Don’t set a path for yourself that satisfies what your parents wanted you to do or what your teachers made you feel capable of. Find out what makes you tick, plot a course for your happiness and explode out of the blocks towards it!

Measuring Motivation

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How are you Measuring the Motivation of your team?

Many organisations monitor KPIs to track the performance of their business. You will recognise some good practice KPIs as follows…

  • Sales

  • Revenue per employee

  • Customer retention

Team performance is a combination of 3 ingredients; SkillDirection and Motivation.

If you have a highly-skilled team and a clear direction, you have a good chance of success. However, being able to tap into your the Motivation of your people will give you Jedi-like confidence of success! Measuring the Motivation of the team over time will demonstrate the value added to them as individuals and to your bottom line.

Motivational Maps will provide valuable insight of your team and highlight what “makes them tick”, enabling you to harness their energy and accelerate your team’s performance!

Do you want to measure how motivated your team is right now?

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